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  • iPSC-derived human disease models can be scaled to support HTS efficacy campaigns through robust bioprocessing/manufacturing
  • Walk through a case study that demonstrates efficient iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte scale up, HTS assay development/validation, and a phenotypic HTS campaign of over 3600 compounds from Ncardia’s “smart library”

Ncardia, will discuss the application of human iPSC-derived cell-based assays and high throughput screening for drug discovery and development. This approach enables researchers to access human disease-relevant biology earlier in the drug discovery process. They will explore a phenotypic drug screening platform composed of genetic and induced human iPSC-derived cardiac and neural disease models, controlled bioreactor-based manufacturing to enable batch sizes compatible with high-throughput screening (HTS), generation and validation of disease-relevant assays with clinically relevant readouts, and high-throughput screening using qualified disease assays.

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Keynote Speakers

Greg Luerman, PhD

Technical Director at Ncardia

Farbod Famili

Sr.Scientist, Assay development & High throughput at Ncardia

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