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In early stage medicines research, measuring in vitro drug-target interaction characteristics is a critical path activity in selecting therapeutic candidates for progression into pre-clinical models. Technologies and instrumentation used in this space are numerous. Bespoke instrument-specific data analysis software make the data handling and result-publishing workflow disjointed. It requires too many manual data handling steps leading to inefficiency and elevated risks to data integrity. In research scenarios such as this, efficient handling, processing and publishing of high volumes of experimental data is critical for objective decision making and selecting optimal therapeutic candidates.

This webinar outlined the fundamentals of a design process where an experimental analytics data workflow is being integrated into a more seamlessly interactive digital platform.

Keynote Speakers

Thil Batuwangala

Scientific Leader, Biopharma Molecular Discovery at GlaxoSmithKline

William J. Yang

Global Marketing Leader, Screening Portfolio at PerkinElmer

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